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our website is under mantenance right now. We are clearing our inventory. If you are interested in our optical fiber clothes for liquidation prices, contact us by email.

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Shoe Laces 5 pack
From $45.00
Light up Top Karina
From $365.00
Luminous T-shirt Neo
From $349.00
Luminous Shirt
From $749.00
Lighting Party Skirt
From $259.00
Hula Hoop - The Mantis
From $65.00
Luminous Tablecloth
Luminous Pants
From $579.00
Luminius Top Marilyn
From $299.90
Glowing Top for any party
From $267.00

Check our amazing fiber optic clothes; excellent for a party or any special occasion. Get a light up top, skirt or trousers and enjoy your starring! :-) Noone will overlook you in the dark and you will become a glowing celebrity. A completely new dimension of partying :-)




My 35th party I purchased the luminous halter top. I was the talk of the party. People were giving me their telephone numbers so I could call them because they want to purchase. Peter thank you for everything. Shipping time was great and accurate. Product was as described. Im truly a HAPPY customer. Thanks Again.